Veritas: Music and Art from our Community Volume 2

The above art is from the new CD "Veritas: Music and Art from our Community Volume 2 which will be going to hopefully tomorrow and will be released at the Purple Door Arts and Music Festival in two weeks. We are super excited about this CD and how we can use it to promote Veritas but also the arts within our community and in the wider community. There is also a poem that one of our people wrote that I want to share below:

Whispered words on bended knee, Promises that you’ll be free, Become the one you’re meant to be,

If you will only come to me Shattered thoughts from long ago, TRUST Tortured heart that no one knows,

Trust in me,and I will show, Which path to take, which way to go.

Life takes shape before your eyes, Let me dry the tears you’ve cried, Open up and be my bride, Leave behind your foolish pride.

Some of the things that we will be doing with the CD include giving it away at Purple Door with information about Veritas, throwing a CD release party (probably in September), putting it on some fair trade music sites like, having available for people who want to support Veritas for a donation (if they so choose), giving it to visitors who come to Veritas along with our information pack, and probably some ways we haven't thought of. (Maybe we could even get some air play on the radio...our Worship Leader's father-in-law is a radio DJ, musician, etc... in the Lancaster the name of maybe we can get it played on WJTL. If you want a copy to have, or to pass on to someone who is looking for a faith community, let me know. Again I'm pumped about this CD and the talent that we have in our blows me away...