Arts in the Veritas Community

I have blogged alot about the arts and artistic expression within the Veritas community. I continue to do some thinking on helping to develop the arts within our community, allow our artists freedom to explore their giftings in the community, and develop ways of having various arts represented throughout our church. I have been thinking about this due to our CD "Veritas: Music and Art from our community Volume 2" coming in the mail yesterday. I am continually blown away by the creativity of those within our community. The CD is amazing, the art is awesome, and the poetry is open, sincere, authentic, and beautiful. I have also found the following video done by an amazing artist and person within our community (who developed the front and back of the CD as well). I saw it on Facebook and asked her if I could post it on the blog and she gave me permission so I decided to put it on here for others to see. It's an awesome piece and I believe you will be touched as I was when I saw it. (We have some future plans for continued embracing of the arts within Veritas such as the Veritas "school" of the arts, and using various artistic expression within the worship gatherings on sunday morning)

Here is the video called "Metamorphisis":