Future Space for Veritas

The other week, out of the blue, we were notified that we had 90 days left on our lease at the Community Room on Prince. A place that we had leased for what will be 2 1/2 years. This wasn't something that we were expecting, or something that we brought on ourselves. The owner of the building just had some new ideas of what to do with the space, so our lease ends in September. I've been through all kinds of emotions in losing this space. We have used it faithfully to engage the art and music community, hosted many events, rented it out numerous times, and grew our faith community in this space.

But one emotion that I have is excitement. I am truly excited to see where God will lead us next. I have spent the last few weeks praying, talking, looking, and searching for our community to use for our worship gatherings (and possibly more). I've looked at 24/7 spaces (mostly through websites like Craigslist) and also looked at 3 spaces that would be Sunday only. I'm excited to gather with our community this Sunday to talk, pray and discuss the possibilities of our next meeting place.

One possibility, which would only be a half a block from where we meet now, and would be a 24/7 space that we could use to continue our engagement with the arts and music scene, as well as rent it out for events, and use it for our worship gatherings, is at 106 W. King Street. I've visited this space and also have taken some people from Veritas to look at this space. I'm not sure if this is the space where we'll end up or not. But I am praying and seeking to discern if God is leading us this way or not.

But I thought I would show you the pictures of the space so you can see the potential that lies within. And I would love your thoughts, feedback, etc.. on this space (as well as other ideas) and also ideas of possible other ideas to use the space to engage the community.