Day 5 of 21 Days of Flesh

Finding the Emotions of God And Jesus Looked at the Multitude and wept. Luke 18:41

People only do what they want to do or our compelled to do. We often feel as if we should do something for God or for people, and occasionally we muster up enough spiritual energy to do a quick good deed, but we go back to normal, which is life focused on ourselves. How are we to become people that actually wake up with intentions to give our lives away? How can we find a life lived out of passion and want to’s instead of should do’s. Well, for Jesus he just looked at people and loved them. There was something about the way Jesus saw people that moved him to emotion. For sure his head was in it. He understood the ramifications if people live and die without hope in a personal god, but his daily action of looking for people to give his live for, was way beyond strategy, theology, or doctrine. He was moved by watching people.

As you ask God to help you develop a pure and passion-full heart for people, consider looking at people. Peer up from desk in the cubical you work in and just watch people for a few seconds. Consider their human struggle. Stop and thank the barista that is pouring your coffee every morning; make solid and lasting eye contact with them. Instead of giving a head nod or a quick wave to neighbors you always drive by, pull your car over, get out, and give that person a few minutes. Look at people. You may know some of their stories and so you will know how to pray, but others you may have to keep looking at until you’re moved with unction to invite them to lunch to hear their story.

Looking at people, truly looking is a hidden key to finding your heart for people.