Day 8 of 21 Days of Flesh

GRACE AND TRUTH (Part Two) As grace keeps us in relationship with God and allows us to be deeply related to those outside of faith, truth is what transforms a person. It’s a good thing to be a great friend; it’s beautiful when Christians show sincere mercy, friendship without strings, and love without expectation, but it’s not enough. People followed Jesus because they heard he was a friend of sinners, but they were changed as he called them to live by another wisdom. The wisdom of God.

Religious people drug an adulterous woman in front of an angry crowd and tested Jesus with her sin. She had not only sinned against the Law of Moses, many families, and a handful of men, she had sinned against the man who now was stooping down next to her, challenging her accusers, and advocating for her life. Grace was clear to her and she was cleared of her sin. Everyone left and she and Jesus were left. She knew Jesus loved her, relationship by his grace was sure. But Jesus didn’t just say “good-bye.” He said, “Woman... go and sin no more.” Truth cut through her pain, disfunction, and brokenness and Jesus was offering her knew life!

As we extend grace and relationship, let it not end there. As we win the heart of our friends; as they know we would never leave relationship; as they share their stories and pain, offer grace-filled words of truth.