Day 10 of 21 Days of Flesh

Street Cred “He grew in respect with God and man” Luke 2:52

In our day, the common man or woman feels completely unable to connect or identify with those who have taken a more formal or professional role for God. If we are one of the “pros” we tend toward lives of extraction from the real world, believing that our time on Mt. Sinai with God will useful to those who must live in the valley.

With Jesus, we see a picture of God in the lowlands, who watches his son live as a normal man and we see normal men being drawn to God. God favors his son as his son finds favor with people. What a farce it is to think that our “calling” sets us apart to do things others aren’t called to do. What a misconception that we can do more for God from the pulpit than from the porch on the front of our home.

How can we live a life where the lines become blurry between what is truly sacred, secular, religious or real.

Jesus showed us the way of integrated living where the way we work, the way we interact as human beings on the soccer field, the coffee shop, or cathedral all speak of him. If we become more like Jesus, we will become more favored by our friends. In fact, we will have friends and that is proof that God is pleased with how we live.

If you find that in all your spiritual activity, you are alone and the world does not want to be with you, quite possibly we are not growing at all.

Favor with God comes simply through our faith in Jesus, but favor with men comes only as we live like Jesus.