Day 13 of 21 Days of Flesh

Our heart follows our eyes “The eyes are the lamp of the body” Matthew 6:22-23

Most days, we go through our routine without much real emotion. We have the days work, the interruptive tensions of living, and a host of self focused thoughts. We know we should care for others and be deeply concerned with their spiritual state, but we make no change to our lives and then wait for the next moment of guilt over what we’re not doing for others.

How do we really become people that have compassion on the souls of others? It only comes when we look at people. The eyes are the lamp of our heart. What we see determines what we ultimately will believe or do and most of us only see ourselves. Look up!

Jesus, rounded the corner, ducked under a branch of a tree and as his eyes focused, he saw people like sheep without a shepherd. Immediately his heart felt compassion which is a deep emotion that moved him to speak and act toward them...eventually dying for them. Yesterday I saw people and it helped me to talk to them, to ask questions about their lives. As I see the furrowed brows of a business man while he yells at his wife on his cell phone, or the anxious teary eyes of a single mom trying to get her unruly children through the airport, or the blank stare of a homeless father holding a sign on the corner asking for help, it changes my heart and I move toward them.

Today, open your eyes. See people for who they are and you won’t need to ask God for compassion. It will just come.