Day 15 of 21 Days of Flesh

Share a mind with Jesus “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus Philippians 2:5-7

The apostle Paul had a unique saying, “I am out of my mind for Christ.” He was sharing a secret that allows us to have the right posture with people. We always talk about living incarnationally, but it really doesn’t happen unless you think about people differently.

We tend to assess people based on our categories. We pick and chose who we will spend time with based on our level of enjoyment of them, or our surface level observations.

Jesus spent time with people because he assessed their hearts. He saw people from a point of view without concern for their outward behavior. He viewed them in light of his plan and possibility of redemption. No person, regardless of sin, was beyond a total life transformation. And because he saw them differently, they saw him differently.

When you take on the mind of Christ for every person you come in contact with, they will sense your love for them. As you eat with them, ask questions, offer encouragement and practical help, they will not only sense your acceptance, but they will start to see God differently.

With every person you meet, let your first thought be, “God, what do you think of this person?” This question is the most important one you will ask as God pulls you along in his mission.