Day 16 of 21 Days of Flesh

Slow Life Gets their Faster But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16

Momentum is something we always seek. We believe that one thing leads to another and so on, and therefore we get ourselves all worked up to try to maximize moments for any advantage we can. Another way to name this belief is “ambition.”

It is usually a good thing to be ambitious, or so we think. Ambitious people are hard working, shrewd, intentional, and get up early. For sure, ambitious people use momentum in their favor as they build their own kingdoms.

Jesus, however was not ambitious or concerned with momentum. He was concerned about strategic moments of power, where true influence happened to a specific person in the opportune moment. Because he didn’t get flustered trying to reach the world, he did reach the world. Because he moved slow with just a few, the world was changed in just a few hundred years after his death.

Kingdom people don’t worry about momentum or manipulating growth or fruit. They are people who wake up with peace and who seek the Father’s leading and slowly plod along in obedience. They are people who sensibly prune and care for the vines of potential fruit but leave the harvest to the head wine master. They view life in seasons and are patient enough in the Father’s processes with people to work alongside him instead of frantically trying to make wine before it’s time.

Always remember the pace of Jesus when you consider your own pace. This way, prayer becomes the work instead of praying so that your work will work.