Day 17 of 21 Days of Flesh

The Blessing of Constraint “Wait on the Lord” Psalm 27:14

For most people, the biggest spiritual struggle is that of waiting on God. Because we cannot see what’s around the corner, we strive and struggle to make things happen in the temporal world even though we know that God works on another time table called eternity.

The apostle Paul was held back and constrained all the time. Sometimes, he said Satan was holding him back, and sometimes he acknowledged that the Spirit of God was holding him back. Other times, he was held back by his Jewish countrymen, sometimes by the Roman powers. There was also sickness and a thorn in his flesh, and months and years staring at a wall in a prison.

Paul, however, learned to stop beating the air with faithless prayers, and finally penned these words, “I’ve learned to be content...”

It is a rare man or woman who trusts the legacy of their lives to God. As John the Baptist prayed that he would become less so that God would become more, we should only strive toward this one goal. That is to be used of God in his timing and in his way. We won’t get to see very much of God’s legacy in our lives, but we do get to see some and that is worth everything.

Take time today to give him the very rest of your days. Keep your head down, stop questioning everything and simply be with Jesus today.