Day 21 of 21 Days of Flesh

Being Sent All the Time “Go and make disciples” Matthew 28:11

Do you ever have daydreams about taking a rest? Maybe a short vacation; maybe a three- month sabbatical or even a furlough with a complete change of scenery. God does grant all these. He loves it when we get a breather and he models a life where we don’t have to toil endlessly. But God never lies to us about a balanced life, for that is just a myth. He is a God of natural rhythms. We sow and we reap, we toil and we rest and we come and we go. Here’s the kicker though. Our God is always at work. Every moment of every second He is up and moving. Like a huge cruise ship that silently cuts through the water while delighted sleepers slumber in peace, something is always moving forward. Jesus called it the kingdom of God. Yes, we do get to wake up rhythmically every day, put our clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the activity on the deck, and then return below the bow to rest again, but for sure, something keeps moving forward.

We wake and then we’re in a new port, a new home, or a new missionary post. It’s an incredible mystery of God’s work ethic, His economy, His humor, and his passion for His life to move ahead.

So consider changing your posture with God about what he’s called you to. Stop looking around the corner to see when you can clock out. Instead, head to your cabin more often and sleep every night, knowing that while you do, God is still moving your life, your ministry, and your hopes forward.

God works from the stability of rest.