When heaven touched down on earth: Water into Wine

John 2:1-11 Water into Wine

John’s unique Gospel: instead of a baby he starts with Jesus’ strong identity (Ch1)  and a sign miracle (Ch2). John’s Goal: So you would believe!!

Chapter 2:  Jesus and disciples are at a wedding as.
(Only five disciples at this point: Andrew, Simon Peter, Philip, Nathanael, and John.)

Mary, Jesus’ mother, notices the ‘emptiness.  

  • Don’t know for certain that she expected a miracle. 
  • “Why come to me?”  Timing important in miracles

Six jars, ceremonial hand washing water for hundreds of people would not have been suitable for drinking!

  • Drink from the dishwater?
  • Take it to the headwaiter! You’re kidding!?

Jesus didn’t wave arms, touch it… “I present you…WINE!!” or even say what was about to happen. 

  • Imagine suspense, steward sniffs it, swirls it, tastes
  • Best saved for last!—groom’s shame turns to fame! 

Servants knew source, but Jesus got no public credit

(Why didn’t anybody say anything?)

  • Backstory: Groom, not bride, was center stage.

Cf. John Bapt: “I’m attendant, he is groom!”

The obvious! Sovereign over created moleular world!

  • Effect: revealed his glory, disciples put faith in him. 
  • A non-essential miracle, called miraculous “sign”

Suggest three “signs”  -- what was Jesus “signaling?”

 1.    I’ll change wash-tub to elegant wine vessel.

--I’ll re-purpose your hands, feet, mind for Kingdom!

2.  I’ll change contaminated water to vintage wine.

Ordinary, tainted water transformed into the best.

-- I will provideimpossible changes of character.

-- I will fill ordinary vessels with My presence.

3.  I’ll model moving from a Consumer to Filler.

    Contrast to consuming party, Jesus added value,

  • Added age, added substance, filled emptiness
  • With abundance!  6 x 20-30 gallon = 150 gallons of quality! 4,000 glasses, worth $120,000 today.

More Fillings: fish - Peter, food - 5,000, Holy Spirit...

Discussion Questions

  1. From wash-tub to wine bottle.
    In what way do you have a new sense of purpose because of Jesus’ presence in your life?
  2. From contaminated water to vintage wine.

          In what ways have you experienced Jesus’ conversion into a life that is recognizably                              excellant?

      3.  From Consumer to Filler.
            In what way do you add value to those around you rather than consume? Instead of              scorning the emptiness, how does Christ in you fill it? 

-- In Veritas faith community?

-- In your workplace?
-- In your neighborhood? (OUT: be a blessing!)