At Veritas we believe one of the best ways to know God and be known by others is in the context of a community group.  A community group is a group of 8-15 people who meet weekly to share life together, grow deeper in their journey with Jesus and to bless the world.  

Fall 2017 Community Groups (starting in October and running for 10 weeks)

Wednesday night:  7-8:30 PM at Laura Heller's (822 Buchanan Avenue Lancaster, PA 17603)

Thursday night: 7-8:30 PM at Tim and Sherry Green's (901 East Orange Street Lancaster, PA 17602)

Sunday morning: 9-10:15 AM at Nelson and Dani Longenecker's (202 N. Concord Avenue Lancaster, PA 17603)


Want to be a part of a community group? Contact Laura.