What is a Discipleship Group? 

A Discipleship Group (D-Group) is a simple way to practice being a follower of Jesus in a space of intimacy, openness, and impact. 

A follower of Jesus is someone who is following Jesus’ teachings, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to Jesus’ Kingdom Mission. 

Each group is made up of 2-4 people, typically the same gender, who commit themselves to (at least) a bi-weekly rhythm of: 

  1. Reading Scripture 
  2. Meeting for relational accountability 
  3. Prayer 

If a group reaches five participants, it is recommended that the group split into two groups. 

In order to be changed from the inside out, the group follows the example of Jesus. Jesus cultivated an intimate relationship with the Father (UP), a supportive relationship with God’s people (IN) and a compassionate relationship with the world (OUT). The regular practices of Scripture reading, relational accountability, and prayer build those relationships. 

Questions? Want to start a group? Contact Laura, our Sharing Life team leader.



Disciples seek to cultivate a close relationship with God. While we can know God to some extent through what He has made, God reveals himself even more clearly in the Bible. In other words, a key way to get to know God is through reading the Scriptures. 

GOAL: To root yourself deeply in the story of God. 

PRACTICE: As a group, choose a book of the Bible and one of the methods below to guide your reading between each meeting. 

  1. Read 10-15 chapters between every meeting. 
  2. Spend 20-30 minutes daily reading Scripture. 
  3. Memorize a portion of Scripture. 

Only move on to the next portion of scripture once all members complete the chosen task. 

As you read, answer the following questions (you may also discuss these during your group meetings): 

  1. What does the text say about God, God’s people, and the world God loves? 
  2. What is God’s word to me personally? 
  3. How is God asking me to respond?



Disciples need the company of others to walk in God’s paths of new life and freedom. 

GOAL: To stimulate conversations of character and confession in a safe environment. 

PRACTICE: Meet (at least) twice a month for about an hour and choose a few of these questions to ask each other. 

  1. Am I taking time to pray what is on my heart? 
  2. How are your relationships with your friends? 
  3. How is your heart for those who don’t yet know Jesus as Lord and Savior? 
  4. Where in your life do you need to trust God? 
  5. How easy is it for you to trust people? 
  6. How have you been a blessing and a vessel of the Kingdom this week? 
  7. Are you listening to the Spirit of God and are you obeying His promptings? 
  8. Are you keeping your commitments to people? 
  9. What is your vision to be an influence for the Kingdom this coming week? 



Jesus gave his disciples a simple yet powerful way to pray as they engage the world God loves: the Lord’s Prayer, as found in Matthew 6:9-13. 

GOAL: To put you in touch with how God is reconciling the world though Jesus Christ and is inviting you to join in. 

PRACTICE: Choose a few of the following guides, taken from the Lord’s Prayer, to pray with your group. 

  1. Offer words of praise to our holy and loving God. 
  2. Intercede for two people who have not embraced the good news of Jesus Christ. 
  3. Name ways that you want God to provide for you and your discipleship group. 
  4. Ask forgiveness for your sins and offer it to anyone who has wronged you. 
  5. Seek God’s guidance for avoiding temptation and walking in obedience. 
  6. Pray for protection in your lives. 

As you pray, be open to ways God might ask you to be the answer to your prayers. When God speaks, ask for the courage to obey and share that with your discipleship group.