Day 4 of 21 Days of Flesh

Are you Settled? Can anything good come from Nazareth John 1:46

One of the greatest myths of life is that ‘its better over there, having what they have or doing what that person does.’ Our world is a transitional space and we move at a pace that pulls us away from being settled in the place God wants us to be. Most people move at least every three years. We get on planes to get away. We struggle to commit to people or to processes because we don’t want to lose our freedom, and at the end of our lives, we have very little legacy with people and often find a gaping hole in our own sense of faithfulness to God.

Christ was from Nazareth, and more specifically Bethsaida, he had a home town. Yes, he did walk around quite a bit. But before his ministry was visibly in full bloom, he lived 30 years in one area and learned both the discipline and benefit of staying put.

A great question for any leader or any serious follower is , “Lord, where have you called me to invest and live my life?” “What is my home town?” “Lord, why am I afraid of committing to this area or these people?” These are the questions that lead to not only the write answers but real kingdom legacy.

When you find what keeps you on the move, and the underlying insecurities and self- oriented concerns that wage war against ‘the simple life’, AND you let God speak into these issues, you will not only find rest for your soul, but you’ll see fruit begin to bloom all around you.