Day 11 of 21 Days of Flesh

Come to the depths In Luke 5, Jesus is making a separation between true disciples and the “multitude.” I wonder which one we identify with? As Dave Matthews says, there’s a ‘space between’ that is that uncomfortable tension between what we know the call of Jesus is, and what we presently live out and experience. What is sure from this scripture is that Jesus loves the multitude. He taught them, fed them, healed them, and eventually died for them. But he also called a few others to go deeper; beyond just being a part of the masses of people that go to Jesus for what they can get from him. The disciples become a smaller group of people who let Jesus take them somewhere different. Somewhere harder, and into a life of service and sacrifice for his purposes. It sounds attractive but we know it costs and so we hang back, hold back, and keep Jesus at a safe distance.

If Jesus loves the multitude, why shouldn’t we stay a part of the big group? Why should any smart person slowly move from the fray of consumer Christians and raise a hand asking Jesus to pour our lives out for others? Only one reason. That is that we want to be with Jesus wherever he goes. True apprentices don’t mind the cost if the cost allows them to be with their master, their trainer, their coach, or their father.

You don’t have to leave the crowd or the church pews. Grace is grace and God lets you sit there your entire life if you want. But some hear the clarion call of the depths and take on his mission to others.